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Are you tired of taking it in the ass from your employer? Or frustrated at being patronised all day by a work colleague? Perhaps you ache for the perfect moment when you can tell your nagging wife to stick it up her hairy arse. Well my friends, it’s time to take some action. Read on.

Sometimes, other people who are unhappy with their meaningless, fragile time on Earth like to take out their missed opportunities, failed attempts and catastrophic decisions on the innocent. If this sounds like you, then look no further for your solution.

You know you're pretty funny for a dead guy!

You know you're pretty funny for a dead guy!

I, Quantumhead the razor-tongue, have pledged to spend my spare time righting these wrongs. Putting straight the bullies, the cowards and the shallow minds synonymous with inflated egos. Kind of an internet vigilante, if you will; with a vendetta against the guilty.

And this is what I think of your call-centre job, you little cockroach

And this is what I think of your call-centre job, you little cockroach

If you are having problems, and no one else can help, if you can find me…….. Hang on, that’s the A-Team. What I mean to say is, if you feel you are currently on the receiving end of a beating with the shit-stick of injustice, I can help. You can send me an e-mail at or simply leave a comment on this page.

Please be sure to include a brief synopsis of your situation; who the cause of the problem is, their e-mail address and why you feel them to be unfair. If I feel the perpetrator is taking blatant liberties I will then contact you back to discuss selectively highlighting the offender’s flaws in a rather amusing e-mail. If you choose I will also blind-copy you into this e-mail, for the purposes of extracting the rare self-contentment exclusively derived from telling someone you dislike to FUCK……. RIGHT……….. OFF…………..

This service is completely free and I am here to serve……………….


If your problem is too far-gone to consider e-mail revenge, I advise calling these guys and asking for T.

If your problem is too far-gone to consider e-mail revenge, I advise calling these guys and asking for T.





  1. Send your boss one of these and I’m sure he’ll get the point.

  2. ok! i hate my manager. She is a bitch. I mean I work my ass off for absolutely no credit and she falsely accuses me of inappropriate behaviour. What the fuck?

  3. My boss is a little fat ugly dwarf of a man. He’s not very smart, the ladies at work all think he is hideous but, much to their displeasure he doesn’t get the hint. His wife is the primary bread winner earning nearly double what he does. In short, if I had to wake up and be this man I would fill up the bathtub and crawl in with the toaster. He gets his gets his jollies needling the only six people on the ENTIRE planet that are forced to listen to him. His children ridicule him, his peers won’t speak to him unless cornered. I could go on but my wife is warning me about my blood pressure.

    • My bosses are nothing but greedy, control freaks, they can hardly ever say anything kind, all they do is Bitch, Bitch, and more bitchen. She(his deragged wife) she acts like she has pms most of the time.They show no character(unless you want to include satan, or hitler, as there main character trait.Can’t wait to get the hell out of there, and be treated with some respect.

  4. I’m going to tell the owner of the company I unfortunately work for to fuck off, skip the weight watchers and get a fucking therapist instead. I’ve never seen a more evil birch in my life.

  5. Ten days before christmas my Ex=boss decided to fuck us .He burnt us for our pay and hired a bunch of shitheads that will work for minimum wage.So hears my idea on how to fuck your boss.Never wash your hands after shitting,Rub his supplies on your asshole.Pick your nose and wipe it on his tools and steering wheel.Hide small things that he will eventually need.Fuck his woman (or man)and then tell him about it.Always know what kind of illegal shit they are doing then turn em in.Hurt everyone around him(grandma,friends,business associates)Don’t feel guilty they are the reason he is the way he is.Plant illegal substances in his car and workplace.and finally beat the shit out of him and make sure it’s humiliating,to keep from getting arrested take the car keys theyre cell phone and there clothes.Naked men dont cause to much problem.throw there keys in a stream somewhere…a couple hundred dollars in locksmith fees….I could go on and on.Just remember hurting the people around them also hurts them

  6. my boss(not mentioning names) doesn’t deserve to live. this dip shit does yell at me for standing around sometimes even during break or when i’m not punched in. i hope he burns in hell. he is a fat tall, a total asshole, and a huge stutterer, who got promoted from being chef, to main manager. damn, what did the guy have to do? bum fuck his boss or something to get the position? seriously, let him rott for all i care. i hope he winds up in a ditch someday. impatient evil bastard and probably gay too!!!!!

    He even got reported in the news paper already. I wouldn’t even bother with him unless he’s cornering me for some reaso. He does tend to hang around with other employees too. I think he makes them uncomfortable, . I just wish he would GO AWAY FOREVER!!!

  7. I am a mechanic, I work for a woman who is a dominatrix on steroids. her and her husband have been through 15 employees in the 3 years prior to me working there. tomorrow it will be 16 and 17, leaving 1 tech to do all the work. working for these people has caused me do become a heavy drinker. I consider taking a toaster in the bath weekly. people who know who i work for often wonder how the fuck i do it.

  8. My boss is nothing less of a bitch. I’m a co-op student and I wanted to learn about Accouting, but unfortunatly I didn’t learn shit.

    All I’ve been doing for the past month and a bit is push around a mail cart, clean the fucking supply cabinates and the worst part is… I don’t get paid.

    Its not a bad thing, I don’t mind the pay, I wanted the learning experience, but since this is Government, parking is an issue, so I take 10 mins to move my car, and my boss bitches about that! FUCK! I CLEAN YOUR SHIT, I DELIVER YOUR MAIL, AND I CAN’T MOVE MY CAR FOR 10 FUCKING MINS?!

    And guess what I’m doing today? At a job where I’m suppose to be learning about Accouting? Cleaning the goddamn fridge.

    I talked to my teacher but hes a bigger baboon than my boss, all he does is agree with my boss and tell me to fuck off.

    I hate life.

    • PS: I honestly don’t have anything else to do! I’m there for 3 hours and I’m standing around for legit 33.33333333333333333333% of the time. I sware these cheap assholes just signed up for the co-op program to get free labour. I HATE THIS.

      PPS: When I said “I hate life.” I meant, I hate my work life, I’m not depressed or anything, just pissed off.

      OHHH! Great story. My boss when to this ski resort which is legit 1/2 hour away. And she felt that she deserves a week off for taking such a long journy.

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